There are 3 main characteristics of SAPATT

Energy Service Company

SAPATT the energy services company is specialized in global,
innovative and energy efficiency solutions that enhances
the sustainability of the planet.

SAPATT are remarkably aware of our limited energy resources.
Therefore We promote the rational use of energy
and also encouragethe use of renewable energy.

Our commitment is to generate savings for our value customers which
will eventually lead to better energy consumption as a whole.


Greening your power

Paisarn Empire is an independent company of wholly supply electronic appliances and air-condition with over 20 years experience in Thailand.
We are currently a major supplier of electronic appliances and air-condition to major real estate developers across Thailand.
We have now come to the expansion of Energy Saving Service.

We provide an optimized solution for energy efficiency in a commercial building with our 3 main energy saving equipments. The Appliance that we mainly focus on a building is Air Conditioning System. Since it consumes energy for about 60-70% of the whole energy used in a building. The next one is lighting which takes about 10-15% of energy. Lastly we have solar cell or photovoltaic cells to set upon a building’s rooftop.